Until they were a year old we feed our dogs food from ACANA http://www.acana.com/

At times we switch to Raw feeding using the ratio of vitamines and minerals and following the recipes from the book by Dr. Karen Beckers.  Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats on the website of Mercola http://products.mercola.com/healthypets/real-food-for-healthy-dogs-and-cats-cookbook/

Of course we tweek our food to our dogs liking, but we keep it as balanced as possible and it shows in our dogs.  They also get raw meaty (NON weight bearing) bones.

We are code of ethic and not backyard or mass breeders; and are proud of the Rottweiler’s we have and the puppies we produce.

We are located in the Lennox and Addington Municipality of Ontario, Canada and our property is surrounded by 27 acres of trees and bush. We have just begun our journey in breeding, but have had experience with Rottweiler’s since 2000.

Our dogs and puppies are raised and live with us in our house; they are well socialized and of sound mind, body and spirit.

We are Members of the German ADRK (Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub), CKC ( Canadian Kennel Club) and RKNA

(Rottweiler Klub of North America).

We follow the breed standards of the ADRK and we train, show and trial our dogs ourselves. 

We only breed top quality dogs that are health certified, are proven to be courageous, have the willingness to work and the beauty for show ring, but our main goal is to breed for health.

Care and control goes into our research of the breeding pairs we pick, to make sure that our puppies are as healthy as is possible.

Our dogs are versatile in every aspect of life and have the great characteristics and temperament for what the Rottweiler is known for and should be.

Germany is the origin of the Rottweiler so we pick from and breed our dogs to the finest bloodlines in Germany (although if we do find an exceptional titled and health certified Sire elsewhere, we will not turn a blind eye.)

Breeding is a passionate hobby and not an income for us.  We strive to produce the best dogs that we can and put forth every effort for the betterment of the breed. 

Our aim is for;

~~~ Producing a healthy dog as possible.

~~~ That is correct in Standard with genetic soundness.

~~~ With excellent temperament, strong drive and the willingness to work.

Our dogs are cared for with a solid structure of training, love and attention, so that they may flourish to become great ambassadors of the breed, regardless if they go to a loving pet, service, work or show home.

Welcome to our site!

Rottweiler Von Drasambia